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Health law courses

About our health law training services

In addition to the many legal services we offer, we provide health law training services to audiences of lawyers, health professionals, patient advocacy organizations, patient committees, caregivers and the general public.

In these health law training courses, we provide you with the information you need to know and understand your health rights. We are also able to explain the role, duties and responsibilities of the various stakeholders in our health system, such as establishments, professionals and various organizations that are part of our health system.

Depending on your needs, our health law courses approach themes that are at the heart of your concerns and that we are all likely to face one day or another, such as access to health care, the rules on consent to care and substituted consent or even end-of-life care, to name a few.

While empowering you with the required information on your rights, we will equip you to enforce these rights by informing you about the recourses available if you believe that these rights have not been respected.

MedLégal to UNDERSTAND health law, human rights, forensic psychiatry, medical liability, disability insurance and personal injury.

MedLégal to ACT by sharing relevant information on the rights and obligations of actors involved in the health care system, to allow you to assert your rights and improve the quality and safety of care.

Did you know?

Training an audience on their rights can allow them to access health services that meet their needs and ensure that their rights are respected.

How can our health law training courses help you?

MedLegal’s health law training courses provide you with information on a variety of important legal topics. The course content is also designed to answer your questions. Each of our training sessions is tailored to your needs.

Examples of the topics covered in our health law training courses

We offer our health law training services in connection with all aspects of health law including the following topics:

  • Access to health care and services;
  • Consent to care;
  • Exercise of the right to choose your doctor and establishment;
  • Access to information and medical records;
  • Protective supervision (tutorship, protective mandate);
  • End-of-life care;
  • Medical and Hospital Liability;
  • Legal psychiatry.

Would you like to take a course in health law?

Do you want to organize a health law training session to inform your audience about their rights or obligations and focus on prevention to improve the quality and safety of care? Contact us now. Our team will be happy to answer your questions and meet your needs.