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Health lawyers in Montreal

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The expertise of our health lawyers

MedLégal is a medical law firm specialized in the fields of health law in Montreal.

Our dynamic team of health lawyers combines experience, passion and thoroughness to provide you with the highest quality legal services all throughout Quebec in one of the most complex areas of law.

MedLégal’s lawyers have extensive experience in the field of health law. They have all spent almost their entire career representing victims of medical malpractice, as well as users of the health care system.

Our medical law firm’s services

Our health law firm provides cutting-edge legal services to Quebec residents through a set of committed social values.

Our resolutely human approach based on listening, compassion and empathy guides each of our actions.

Our health lawyers represent and support victims of medical, hospital, dental and pharmaceutical malpractice in their efforts to obtain compensation for the damages suffered and, at the same time, prevent similar errors from occurring again.

Our medical law firm does everything it can to make our services accessible to the most vulnerable people in our society.

In addition, our lawyers are committed to informing the users of the health care system on their rights and helping them assert and enforce them. 

Our law firm is committed to:

  • Answering, free of charge, specific questions that you may ask yourself in connection with the functioning of the health care system;
  • Developing information capsules related to users’ rights on a regular basis;
  • Offering various training activities, both for users and for professionals in the health care system.

Medical and hospital liability

Do you think you were the victim of a medical error? Our medical negligence lawyers are here for you.

Legal psychiatry

Are you subject to a request for confinement in an institution or a treatment order? Assert your rights with our forensic psychiatry service.

Health law training

Do you want to receive or broadcast health law courses or a conference in health law? Our law firm can assist.

Personal injury

Have you been the victim of an accident or a situation that caused physical damages? Our personal injury lawyers can help.

Health law

Do you want to assert your rights in terms of accessibility, quality and safety of care? You can rely on our healthcare lawyers.

Human rights

Do you want to apply for an institution of protective supervision or are you subject to such a procedure? Our human rights lawyers will help you to see things more clearly.

Disability insurance

Are you denied disability or accident insurance benefits? Our disability insurance lawyers are here to assist and represent you.

MedLégal to:

  • Konw

    your rights and recourses in health.

  • Understand

    the circumstances surrounding the medical error of which you were the victim and obtain answers to your questions.

  • Act

    by obtaining compensation for the damages suffered and by promoting the accountability of the health care system.

  • Prevent

    the occurrence of similar events and prevent others from being victims of the same situation.

Our medical law firm leads its cases with determination and fighting spirit while giving you a clear picture of your situation. We have the expertise and the knowledge to guide you.