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Our legal services

Our law firm offers full legal services, with full support.

At MedLegal, our medical malpractice lawyersmake every effort to provide you with the best possible support to ensure that your case proceeds efficiently, in Montreal and throughout Quebec.

Our comprehensive legal services cover every step necessary for the evaluation and the proper progress of your file, from the collection of information to a possible trial, as well as the retention of expert services.

Our law firm carries the torch for you, with the goal of easing the burden of the legal process as much as possible.

Please note that we provide our services throughout the province of Quebec.

Our legal services in detail


Medical and hospital liability

When a medical error caused you damages or caused damages to a loved one, the perpetrator of the medical fault could be required to compensate you financially. The same is true of a fault allegedly committed by a pharmacist, a chiropractor, a dentist, an osteopath or any other professional.

Have you been, or do you believe you have been, the victim of a medical error? You may have a medical and hospital liability claim to make. Find out more about our medical liability lawyers today.


Legal psychiatry

Our forensic psychiatry services cover the issues surrounding mental health. We can represent you if you are the subject of an application for forced confinement in an establishment or an application for an order for a treatment against your will.

We also act on requests for revision of forced confinement in an establishment, as well as for accused persons in respect of whom a verdict of non-criminally responsible due to a mental disorder has been rendered.



We believe that sharing our knowledge of health rights promotes better respect for them, while improving the quality of services.

If you want to offer training or organize a conference in health law, our lawyers can do it. We offer our health law training services to players in the health care system, community organizations and associations of health professionals.


Personal injury

An accident, whether a fall, a sports accident, a dog bite or any other event, can lead to serious, sometimes permanent, sequelae. When this event is due to the negligence of an individual, a legal recourse can be undertaken to compensate you for the damages suffered, such as the sequelae that you present, your salary loss and any disbursements incurred in connection with the event. When these situations arise, contact our personal injury lawyers as soon as possible.


Health law

Did you know?

You have the right to access your medical records, get a second professional opinion about your care or choose the facility from which you want to receive care. Do you believe that your rights have not been respected within the healthcare and social services system?

Do not hesitate to exercise your rights! Contact our healthcare lawyers today.


Human rights

If one of your loved ones becomes incapable of taking care of themselves and/or administering their property and health professionals recommend that you open a protective supervision or obtain a protective mandate, we can help you.

We also represent persons of full age subject to this type of legal process who wish to contest the procedure or, even, people who have a marked interest in this adult of full age who also wish to challenge this procedure. Discover how our human rights lawyers can help you for more information.


Disability insurance

When an insurer stops paying disability insurance benefits or refuses to honour an accident or life insurance policy, our disability insurance lawyers can help you challenge this decision.

Although the insurer has made this decision, you have recourse to assert if you meet the criteria set out in the clauses of your insurance policy. We can guide and advise you in this analysis and represent you in an action against the insurer if applicable.