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Disability insurance

A contract of insurance is a contract whereby the insurer undertakes, for a premium or assessment, to make a payment to the client or a third person if a risk covered by the insurance occurs. (…)

About disability insurance

Personal insurance relates to the life, physical integrity or health of the insured.

Disability insurance aims to ensure your income in the event of physical or mental illness or an injury that prevents you from working and generating an income. This disability can be partial or total, temporary or permanent.

Each year, several people are deprived of the insurance benefits to which they are entitled, either because their insurer does not recognize the validity of their initial request or, the insurer invokes a change of situation which results in the termination of coverage.

Living in mourning, suffering from a serious illness or incapacitating injury are painful situations to live with, especially when faced with an insurer’s refusal to honour the insurance policy and pay the benefits to which one is entitled.

The assistance of a disability insurance lawyer, one of the many legal services we offer, can therefore be very useful in understanding the scope of your insurance coverage and obtaining payment of benefits that you are deprived of.

MedLégal to UNDERSTAND the terms, definitions and exclusions contained in your insurance contract and obtain answers to your questions.

MedLégal to ACT to have your insurance company honour the terms of the contract that binds you and pay the benefits you are entitled to.

Did you know?

Even if you have disability insurance, you may still be eligible for benefits under public insurance plans.

For example, if your disability is the result of an accident at work, you could receive compensation from the Commission des normes, d’ équité, de la santé et de la sécurité du travail (CNESST).

If your health condition prevents you from exercising any job permanently, you may be eligible for a retirement pension from Retraite Québec if you have contributed to the Québec Pension Plan (QPP).

Depending on the terms of your insurance contract, the amount of your insurance benefits may be reduced depending on the amount of benefits you are entitled to from a public plan.

How can our disability insurance lawyers help you?

Our disability insurance lawyers offer consultation and representation services in situations where you believe that your insurance company neglects to honour the terms of the contract that binds you to it.

We can analyze the content of your insurance policy, assess your situation and provide you with our recommendations.

We offer turnkey services. This means our disability insurance lawyers take care of collecting information, retaining expert services, negotiating with your insurer and taking your case to court.

Depending on your needs, we also offer other legal services, including medical liability, health law, forensic psychiatry, human rights and personal injury. MedLégal even offers health law training courses.

Examples of our legal work in disability insurance

To illustrate, our disability insurance lawyers can assist and represent you when your insurance ceases or refuses to pay you the benefits to which you believe you are entitled for the following reasons:

  • Your insurer considers that despite your physical or mental condition you are not disabled to hold your job;
  • Your insurer considers that despite your physical or mental condition you are not disabled in any job or to perform the tasks for which you are reasonably qualified;
  • The illness from which you suffer is not considered to be a serious illness according to your insurer;
  • You have failed to report a pre-existing condition or illness.

Did you know that?

Your insurer may require that you submit to a medical examination to confirm or rule out your disability to work due to illness or injury, even if your attending physician has completed an evaluation in which he concludes your inability to work.

Did you know that?

According to the law, the holder, beneficiary or insured of an accident or sickness insurance policy is required to inform the insurer, in writing, of the incident within 30 days of his knowledge. He must also transmit to the insurer, within 90 days, the documents relating to the circumstances and the extent of the incident.

When should you consult our disability insurance lawyers?

Do you believe that your insurance company refuses to honour your contract and to pay you the benefits to which you are entitled? Contact our disability insurance lawyers now.