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Legal psychiatry

Every human being has a right to life, and to personal security, inviolability and freedom.

About forensic psychiatry law

Everyone has the right to liberty, integrity and inviolability. Only in exceptional cases and according to very specific criteria is it permissible to disregard these fundamental rights.

Certain rights can be restricted in different laws due to a person’s mental state.

For example, a person’s mental state can cause them to be dangerous to themselves or others, as well as influence their ability to be criminally responsible for their actions.

In any of the situations described above, a person’s fundamental freedoms and rights may be limited after certain legal proceedings have been finalized.

Considering the values ​​of our organization as well as the principles that we advocate, namely the rule of law and respect for the autonomy of the person, we represent the users of the health care system who present a mental health disorder in many different situations.

Our forensic psychiatry lawyers are involved in applications for forced institutional confinement or an order for a treatment against your will and involving the Commission d’examen des troubles mentaux.

MedLégal offers legal services that allow you to ACT by exercising your right to be represented by a lawyer to oppose these legal proceedings.

Did you know?

In addition to the psychiatric assessments provided for by law, you can still refuse care and treatment when in forced confinement in an institution.

How can our forensic psychiatry lawyers help you?

Our forensic psychiatry lawyers can help you understand the procedures you are confronted with, as well as inform you on your rights.

We can also represent you at a hearing on an application for forced confinement in an institution or an order for a treatment against your will. We also represent people who must appear before the Commission d’examen des troubles mentaux.

Did you know?

When you consider that you no longer present a danger to yourself or to others, you can request a review of the confinement order by forwarding your request to the Administrative Tribunal of Quebec.

Regarding an order for a treatment against your will, you have a maximum of five (5) days to appeal the decision rendered by the Superior Court.

Did you know? 

MedLegal’s team also includes lawyers specialized in medical liability and health law. We can also represent you in matters of human rights, disability insurance or personal injury. Browse our website or contact our firm for more information.

When should you call on our legal psychiatry services?

Were you served with a court application for a confinement or treatment order, or were you informed that your hearing before the Commission d’examen des troubles mentaux will proceed shortly? Contact us as soon as possible and our forensic psychiatry lawyers will represent you!