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Health Law

The person requiring services is the reason for the very existence of those services

Healthcare lawyers who are there for you

When illness strikes, we all find ourselves in a certain state of vulnerability. It often becomes more difficult to know, understand or claim your rights.

Health law is a broad field that includes several laws and countless regulations.  Besides establishing the rights of users, these legal texts regulate, among other things, organization, access to care and its safety. The organization of the health care system is so complex that it can be difficult to make sense of.

With the growing needs of the population, the health care system does not appear to have any respite. Moreover, the strong pressure exerted on the health care system has led to daily situations in which the rights of users are compromised or outright violated.

Fortunately, our healthcare lawyers can help you know your rights and recourses in the healthcare system.

How can our health law services help you?

At MedLegal, our team of healthcare lawyers offers health law consultation services to inform and aid users in claiming their rights.

At MedLegal, we offer comprehensive legal servicesmedical liability, forensic psychiatry, human rights, disability insurance, personal injury and even health law training. Our lawyers also specialize in health law and can inform and assist you in asserting your rights.

To this end,  we can consider many solutions depending on the nature of the problem. Our health law firm’s involvement ranges from a simple toll-free telephone conversation to inform you of your rights, to aid during formal meetings with the authorities of the health care establishments.

Did you know?

Article 11 of the Health and Social Services Act stipulates that a patient has the right to be accompanied and aided by a person of their choice when they wish to obtain information or take steps with a service provided by a health establishment or health professional.

Examples of our work in the field of health law

At MedLegal, we regularly intervene in situations involving the following rights to:

  • Have access to health services on an ongoing basis;
  • Receive quality and safe health services;
  • Choose the professional and the establishment of your choice;
  • Be informed about your state of health;
  • Have access to your medical file;
  • Have your medical file corrected;
  • Know the different treatment options, and the associated risks and consequences;
  • Be informed of any accident occurring during the provision of services;
  • Obtain a second medical opinion;
  • Refuse care;
  • Receive end-of-life care including medical assistance in dying;

When to call on our health law service

No matter what your situation, you should not be left with no answers to the many questions you have. When you have the feeling that your rights are not respected or that you want to be informed, contact us right away!