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Our firm

Our story

Composed of four lawyers specialized in representing users of the health care system, particularly specialized in medical liability, MedLégal is one of the main players in the field of health law in Québec.

The founding lawyers of MedLégal have all acquired cutting-edge knowledge by obtaining a master’s in health law and policy and by working for many years within the cabinet of Ménard Martin attorneys, specialized in the field of health law. They have worked on numerous medical, hospitals, dental and pharmaceutical liability cases, as well as with community organizations involved in defending the rights of vulnerable people and users of the health care system.

MedLégal was born out of a deep desire to make human legal services financially accessible, while maintaining the highest standards of quality and rigour that characterize each of its founders. Thanks to a flexible organizational structure, entirely focused on the quality of services and the customer experience, MedLégal is undoubtedly the ideal vehicle to meet these objectives. The optimization of work organization and the streamlined organizational structure of MedLégal allows it to offer legal services at reasonable costs and lawyers with expertise.

Our Values

The lawyers at our firm are driven by common values that they strive to apply and promote daily. Our core values ​​are:


MedLégal wishes to promote access to justice. In addition to providing financial terms that promote accessibility to its services, the firm accepts legal aid mandates.


MedLégal places the client at the heart of all its interventions and promotes a human approach where listening and compassion guide lawyers’ interventions with clients.


MedLégal takes a transparent approach to the legal services rendered and their costs. Rest assured that we will give you the correct information as to the chances of success of your recourse.


MedLégal lawyers conduct their cases with all the determination necessary to achieve the best possible result. In addition, know that although litigation is in our DNA and that we excel when faced with adversity, we favour alternative modes of conflict resolution and we attempt to avoid legalizing of a file.


We believe that teamwork is necessary for the best results. Not only is the client part of this team, but he is ultimately the one who approves and makes the decisions related to the management of his case and this, throughout the progress of the file. It goes without saying that we will always be by your side to guide and advise you.

Our mission

The organization of the Québec health care system is complex, and it can be very difficult to navigate, especially when the user is in a vulnerable situation due to his state of health. It is therefore necessary that an organization like MedLégal puts its expertise at the service of users of the health care system, supports them so that they are better informed about their rights, and that they can claim and enforce them.

In addition, if at the end of an episode of care, you believe that you or one of your loved ones has suffered damages due to a medical error, our office has all the expertise necessary to assist you in the assessment of your file, as well as in the implementation of your rights.

In an effort to promote respect for the rights of users and the quality of care, MedLégal also makes its expertise available to the health care system and its actors, while it offers its services in terms of education and conferences.

Our expertise

While over the years the lawyers in our firm have been involved in hundreds, if not thousands, of medical, hospital, dental and pharmaceutical liability cases, they have developed solid knowledge that allows them to efficiently and effectively handle your case.

Based on their experience, they have acquired significant credibility with lawyers representing insurers responsible for compensating victims of medical errors. They also have a large network of independent experts who assess the quality of care received and the damage suffered with candour, fairness and impartiality.